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March 24, 2009

Why I Like My IPhone

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Last year, I got an IPhone. I did it for many reasons but received a lot of benefits without knowing it.

My primary reason was so I could have internet access in many different locations. Since the building end of my job requires remote locking/unlocking of doors and monitoring temperature settings. The IPhone would let me do it well.

But I found some serendipities.

First, I did not realize who much simpler life became. Suddenly, I had my calendar, email, and to-do list all in one location. (The last time I had that was in a large binder I had to carry.) Now, when at a doctor’s office or somewhere else, I can put down appointments or other items needing attention. (That gets it off your mind, David Allen style.)

Second, the app store opened a new world to me. While it is easy to go overboard, many apps for the IPhone are free or less than a buck. In future posts I will cover some of those apps in detail.

Third, the IPhone is elegant. That’s not a necessity, but it shows not just good engineering but also some creative thinking as well. For a Windows guy, it sure makes Apple appealing.

The phone works well and I get the others as a terrific bonus.

Other smartphones have many (or even more) of the same features. But for me, the Iphone with its larger touchscreen is wonderful.

(I’m just looking forward to the software upgrad


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